Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Attention Gamers: What To Look Forward To This Fall

New Releases Gamers Should Expect In Time For The Holidays

Are you ready for all the great gaming releases coming this fall? There are so many great games and devices, that in some ways are going to change how we game forever.

Whether you play Xbox, PlayStation, PC, or are looking forward to affordable VR, you are going to get excited and maybe even a little impatient as you eagerly wait for their release.

Are you into racing games, RPG, combat, open world, sports, or action and adventure? Hold on, cause we're going to discuss at least 5 awesome gaming releases.

5 Gaming Releases Coming This Fall 

Get ready for some great gaming with these new game releases:

1. NBA 2K16

Prepare yourself for a brand new season of NBA all-Star action. LeBron, Curry, and Irving are ready to battle it out. 

Play the 1992 Olympic Dream Team with 11 Hall of Famer players including Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, Charles Barley, and Magic Johnson. 

Many updates and improvements have been made to also to raise the visual quality and make us feel ever more in the game.

The authenticity that goes into these games is incredible. The developers actually traveled to many stadiums and actually recorded sounds only heard in a real arena. 

Check out the video below to really appreciate what went into creating a better quality game

2. Battlefield 1

Put your name on the amount of destruction you intend to unleash unto your landscape with some of the most powerful weapons at your disposal.  Realism includes an intuitive destruction and dynamic weather to create more of a random situation and circumstance.

This adventure will take you from the blazing hot deserts of Arabia, all the way to the shorelines of Italy and beyond. Piloting a massive array of armored vehicles by air, sea, and land.

Be the engineer of an armored train or try your hand at piloting a zeppelin. Blow the crap out of the shoreline cities by use of a dreadnought.

Up to 64 players can engage in multiplayer battles. See the video for details.

3. Watch Dogs 2

 for details Looking for a little hacking action? This next installment of the Watch Dogs Series will allow you to access that opportunity once again.

Like before Watch Dogs 2 is still a third-person game in which you can choose to navigate either on foot or by vehicle. You are the character named Markus Holloway, a professional hacker. Surprised?

Your job is to overtake the city's security systems in several campaigns using a variety of different skills and approaches in order to complete each mission successfully.

Extra time and attention went into developing this game. In fact, the creators actually hired real hacker to act as consultants in the creation and real life input to the game for greater authenticity.

Available on November 15, 2016. You will find it supported on the following platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

See the video below for recorded game action.

4. Mafia III

The year is 1968, you are a returning Vietnam veteran with one obsession. To build a mob organization large enough to dwarf and crush the Italians. Revenge is sweet one step at a time.

Play the role of Lincoln Clay, set out for absolute revenge in style. With the handy use of some serious military grade weapons that are sure to obliterate your enemies. 

Muscle your way through the ranks to finally become the boss. Building your organization by the use of force and the ability to make tough decisions under pressure as a true crime boss should.

Set to be released on October 17 of this year for all major gaming platforms.

5. PlayStation VR 

Sony is about to lead the way in home virtual reality gaming. Although there has been much hype over the recent release of the Oculus Rift. The downfall to the Rift is that it requires a fairly high-powered gaming PC. 

This is where the PlayStation VR shines. All you need is your PS4 and a few minutes to sync the headset with your device.

The list of games becoming available to include Batman Arkham VR, Battlezone, Eve Valkyrie, VR Worlds, Rex Infinite, Star Wars: Battlefront X-Wing VR, Star Trek: Bridge Crew, Final Fantasy XIV VR Experience and much more.

Watch the trailer to Farpoint below:


There you have it! 5 exciting reasons to prepare for a great season of gaming. Stay tuned for updates. These articles are written with gamers in mind. 

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Thursday, 25 August 2016

Ultimate Gaming Room Set Up

Best Gaming Setup 2016

Are you looking for the latest and greatest in a gaming desk set up? When having enough room for everything will still remain stylish, right?

 There are so many ways to your gaming equipment peripherals and rigs, so where do you start?

Random FrankP, gaming expert who's style is cool as ice, gives is the breakdown of his ultimate gaming desk setup for 2016.

He'll share the low down on the newest in hi-tech entertainment devices. He will also reveal his build from the tower to the graphics card, storage, RAM, liquid cooling, and more.

Find out which peripherals are super hot right. Getting the best ergonomic mouse, keyboard, and controllers is a must. All while keeping a clean and modern color scheme for the right atmosphere.

He showcases his mostly "all white" layout, right down to the wireless hard drive and game controller.

Some of us are not totally into a white color scheme, but usually these types of devices are universal and can be found in a variety of colors.

His set up would not be complete without a killer sound system for ultimate immersion and power. Find out which amplifier and gaming headset that is the go-to piece of gear for the job.

Frank uses a really cool, hidden under the desk USB hub that's both streamlined and out of the way.
The best gaming desk for this guy happens to be a motorized sitting and standing desk.

Perfect for getting the perfect height setting to your personal preferences. So let's get into it, folks.

You can watch the video below.


Hopefully, by watching the short video, you have a better idea of what to look for in a setup for your gaming area, particularly your video gaming space.

Obviously, this guy has a massive budget for his gaming set up. However, there are ways of doing this on more of a budget.

We feature another article on finding gaming devices under $100. In particular, if you are looking for an inexpensive gaming chair, then please follow the link provided.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Gaming Desk Set Up Tips

10 Tips To Setting Up Your Computer Space

Want to learn how to set up your computer gaming desk to keep it clean, uncluttered and somewhat organized?
One of these easiest ways, of course, is to start with a decent size desk space and layout.

But regardless of how much space you have, using the principles, we will be talking about will make for a better environment and thus a greater gaming experience.

Our gaming area is a place we tend to spend the majority of our time for those of us who are hardcore, and so keeping thing neat, clean and tidy is the modern approach that is now focussed upon below:

1. Go Wireless. It may be a bit more money to upgrade, but removing the need for wires and cords can save a lot of hassle, tangling, and confusion. Especially a keyboard and mouse.
2. Stay Clean. This means keeping down the amount of unnecessary junk piled up on your desk, like peripherals and or ornaments books and such. Also giving your horizontal spaces wipe down weekly. Be more organized with less stuff. More is, in fact, less.
3. Good cable management. If you can use grommets to feed wires into a central area. Using a cable gutter can also prove to be an effective way to ensure organization. Tubing can also be great for funneling wires for power cords, lighting, etc. 
4. Avoid Overkill. If you find that you don't need 4 monitors and 2 or 3 sets of heads stacked up. You want the best experience and your needs, So only keep out what you are using. The rest store away.
5. RGB or LED lighting. Rather than turning your gaming area a night club, try and get a good balance of such lighting. The idea is to create the right ambiance to your gaming theme by using RGB or LED lighting
6. Monitor Stands These can be a real space saver for large LED screens as you can float them from a base that takes less room than if they were actually on the desk. 
7. Other stands like headphone stands, phone, tablet, etc. Keeping less on the surface of your desk.
8. Cable holders are a must for the many cables associated with your gaming set up. There are many types to choose like the Quirky Cordies or Cable zipper that easily organizes your wires and cords in a clean and snug position.

For a video presentation of this discussion please feel free to watch the video below: 

For more gaming conversation on where to find the best gaming chair, please follow the link provided.

Monday, 6 June 2016

10 Gaming Accessories Under $100

Making Gaming Better

Gaming technology has certainly carried us a long way since the advent of the first console gaming and PC gaming systems.

You can always buy the latest CPU, graphics card, or add more RAM. But we're not talking your gaming interface. But rather the little extras that making our gaming time that much better.

The problem with purchasing new gadgets is that there can be relatively expensive and may not seem to add much value to your overall experience. Unless you want more fun!

Are you interested in better sound? A cool controller to play games on your phone? Or do you need  more comfortable seating during game sessions?

It's amazing what you can get for so cheap, so strap on and let's see what available, shall we?

If you're on a budget, you're in luck. There are 10 really awesome accessories that are worth having and won't break the bank.

10 Gaming Extras Under $100

Below are listed the top 10 affordable gaming accessories:

  1. Razor Fly Mouse Pad  A large, high-quality mouse pad with built in chromo-lighting that can change colors up to 16.8 million colors. Is it absolutely important to have a glowing mousepad? If it one goes for under $60, maybe! 
  2. Phone controllers for Ipad and Android gaming with your cell. The Steel Series Stratus is the product of choice for this type of gaming situation. Not quite as sophisticated as the Xbox and PS4 controllers, it does a good job when playing on the go!
  3. Turtle Beach Stealth 400 Headset delivers a good balance of mic and sound quality, with a nice wireless setup. Cheap at whopping $80 US.
  4. Mackie CR3 Computer speakers. A pair of 3 inch sound monitors with a wide frequency range and studio quality sound. Nice design. 
  5. Keyboard.  The Steel Series 6G V2 mechanical keyboard has been described as "solid and reliable". No bells and whistles here, just quality under $100.
  6. Gaming chairs. The XRocker Extreme 3 is the perfect seat for console gaming. Built-in speakers, and rocking function. Perfect those looking for a cheaper gaming chair at under $100.
  7. PlaySation T.V.  priced at $55. A small console that connects to your television, allowing you to stream PS4 games at your convenience and pleasure.
  8. Guardzilla all in one video security system. The perfect security camera for when leaving items at the office. Comes with expanded SD card to store recorded files for easy access.
  9. AOC 20" widescreen monitor with a 1920 x 1080 resolution for any gamer. Priced at around $99.
  10. Buffalo Ministation Plus 1 TB 3.0 harddrive Portable, lightweight and provides decent transfer rates for about $79.


There you have it fellow gamers. Some great deals on some top quality gaming accessories under $100. For more information on some of the products mentioned, please view the video below.

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